#IKEA Getting the Best for you Dollar

This week’s discussion is IKEA’s promotion mix and how do you get the best for your dollar.


First it all begins with advertising. If you don’t know what they have how can you make a purchase. The following is an example of IKEA advertising in Malaysia.


Public Relations

Next IKEA has to ensure that it has good public relations. Public relations is how IKEA’s marketing and communication ensure that it can reach the many people and continue to explain what IKEA has to offer. The following is an example of how IKEA used an agency through public relations in China to promote the opening of its first shopping centre.

Sales Promotion

How does IKEA get you to the point where there purchasing their products has become irresistible?


Personal Selling

Who does IKEA use to ensure that what you are looking for is at their store. What influence do they have on you purchase? This question can be easily answered. IKEA uses its customer relations or customer service to ensure that its customers can find and purchase the products that will fit his or her needs. The customer service can be found on IKEA’s website http://www.ikea.com.



2 thoughts on “#IKEA Getting the Best for you Dollar

  1. darrixakins

    Yes IKEA does have its own public relations team. Even though they may partner with different sources IKEA will always have its own group of team members to ensure the IKEA brand is protected and promoted according to its company values.


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