Never Ending Chain

This week’s blog is about IKEA’s continuing chain to ensure that its products are available at all times. As mention before IKEA is one of the largest European furniture sellers and is constantly spreading across the global. This is mainly because of its business concepts and its mission to create a better everyday life for the many people.


IKEA creates partnerships with its suppliers and this is done in two phases, identification and execution. This helps to ensure that business continues to flow as usual. Below is a comment that was stated by one supplier.


The utilities that IKEA provides are place and possession utilities. In IKEA’s distribution they ship some of its products directly to the stores and have built distribution centers, in order to store products to be shipped to stores when orders are placed to maintain continued product availability. The following video shows how IKEA innovations keep its customers happy.

The video comes from a wordpress blog from 2010 by Carlos Ripoll.


3 thoughts on “Never Ending Chain

  1. professorhemric

    Did they have a video available in English? The visual aspect is very interesting and shows how the supply chain / distribution of IKEA is very effective and efficient. Also, can you identify the specific utilities for IKEA?


    • darrixakins

      One of the reasons why IKEA furniture is affordable to the many people is because of self assembly, but they do not design their furniture to the point where the customer struggles with the assembly or the assembly instructions. One added bonus to the do-it-yourself assembly is that IKEA puts the assembly instructions on line so that individuals can view the product.


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