The Billy Series


BILLY series

The Billy bookcase manufactured by IKEA has been around for over 30 years. In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more adapted to E-books, IKEA has made the decision to keep producing the Billy bookcase. Being added to the IKEA catalog in 1979, IKEA continues to adapt the Billy Bookcase series in order to satisfy its customers. Some of the recent changes that have been added to the Billy series are in 2011, IKEA added a different design to provide deeper shelves, and in 2014 reinforced shelves and rounded edges were introduced.
 The Billy bookcases come in different sizes and three different colors. The bookcases are package differently than the standard bulk package, they are in what is known as a flat pack. The flat pack makes it easier to handle, more convenient for travel, as IKEA also uses the flat pack system to save on the cost of transporting goods. The flat pack also makes it easier for customers to load and unload their product after purchase. Each bookcase comes with instructions which can be accessed on the IKEA website. If you are in need of book storage space then the Billy series might be the way to go, the price range is form $69 to $544 depending on your needs.




3 thoughts on “The Billy Series

  1. theopinionbooth

    I had no idea IKEA has been around so long. The Billy bookshelf reminds me of a style you would find at most big box stores. I would expect the quality from IKEA should be high as compared to a “superstore” look a like.


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