Consumer Behavior

Continuing the IKEA Experience

An IKEA store is a marvelous place.  You walk through halls, hall after hall after hall and so on, surveying with your eyes the different furniture items, accessories and other kinds of decorative. You are filled with curiosity and enthusiasm in search for that great enhancement to your home. In each hall furnitures are usually organized in a layout and structure of a complete set according to a given purpose such as a living room seating corner, a dining hall or a children room. There are many possible sets with different styles of items in a hall associated with a particular part of the house or apartment. As you look at a set and examine more closely the composing items you may start to image in your head how it may look in the target area of your own home. During the tour you may pick up some small items and put them in a bag. As for the larger items chosen you need to write down their details on a paper form to be retrieved later on at a storage hall. Everybody is busy at Ikea. The whole venue resembles somewhat an amusement park, or perhaps more like a beehive. It is a temple for celebrating consumption.


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