The IKEA Concept lives and grows. It comes to life in more than 370 IKEA stores around the world, where people touch and try, play and dream. It comes to life in the IKEA catalogue on each page.

It comes to life on phones and computers.
Most importantly, the IKEA Concept comes to life in the homes of millions of people around the world who experience beautiful solutions at incredibly low prices.

In order to continue to create a better everyday life for the many people, IKEA has continued to promote its concepts not only through the manufacturing of its furniture but also through the franchising of its many retail stores. The environmental forces that continue to drive IKEA to be successful in the marketing of its name and product are the competitive, economic, legal and regulatory, and technological and sociocultural.

One of the most effective marketing tools that IKEA uses is its websites. If you visit one of IKEA’s store websites it is packed full of information that not only prepares you for a store visit, but to also make a purchase click here for a store visit. IKEA also continues to meet and exceed it marketing goals by following the IKEA IWAY Standard. IKEA also remains competitive and provides the economic needs for its customers, by building restaurants and play areas for children inside of its stores. The restaurants make it convenient for shoppers to grab a bite to eat in between shopping and the play areas make it easier for customers to shop with children. Another way IKEA also keeps up with the sociocultural force of marketing, is IKEA has adopted the program of going green. Most of its facility roof tops are covered with solar panels, which in turn help IKEA to save energy and cut cost, which in turn benefits the consumer by being able to continue to create  better everyday living for the many people.




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